User-Developed Planets

HEALM invites players to bring their dreams to life by discovering and developing their very own Planets. As the HEALM website declares, “From a private tropical paradise to a pulsing urban metropolis—imagination is the only limit.”

As with building on Planet Kepler-186f, players need Resources and Elements in order to build. (See Kepler-186f, and the Elements and Resources sections).

Strictly speaking, players will not create Planets “ex-nihilo.” Rather, they will discover, claim, and then develop Planets. The HEALM team envisions this process as follows.

Within VR, the player has a Discover New Planets option. When enabled, the user’s HUD employs a powerful “telescope,” allowing the player to search and find undiscovered Planets in the universe. When the player finds a Planet, they can choose to claim it, which requires a small fee. While the fee generates a small amount of revenue for HEALM, the primary purpose is not to create a profit center. Rather, the fee provides a small barrier to entry, dissuading players from endlessly claiming Planets they do not intend to develop.

Once claimed, the player views an animation sequence. The telescope locks on to the Planet and analyzes its properties. As the Planet spins, the player sees facts about it, such as the composition (percentages of water and land), and the total number of “land masses” (e.g., continents or islands). After viewing the sequence, the player may name the Planet. Once named, the owner can teleport to the Planet and be the first to visit and explore.

Planets are unique in size, composition, and layout. They can range between 50-70% water composition and 50-30% land composition. Every Planet has between 10-30 land masses. To provide Planet founders a jump start, approximately 5% of the land masses come pre-built with the following infrastructure:

  • 10 Houses

  • 10 Buildings

  • Land terrain and basic landscaping

  • Road configuration

  • A City Hall, which is a central management and governance hub. (Planet founders can divide ownership, and set construction and development limits. Visitors and citizens can view proposals, and citizens can cast votes on active proposals.)

  • Default Mixed-Use zoning on all blocks

  • Transportation

    • Airport Bus Terminal (AI-powered)

    • Taxi Depot

    • Sea Port

    • VR Teleport Terminal

  • Default Mixed-Use zoning on all blocks

Land masses have roads and buildable land blocks mapped. While roads are pre-configured, they do not show until paved. Starter buildings may be moved to any suitable location on their respective land mass. When moving a building, however, road locations become visible so builders will not place them upon roads. Founders have access to explore the entire Planet. Other players will require vehicle NFTs for long-range exploration.

To ensure Planet organization, Planet Founders will want to set zones on land masses. Zones include:

  • Mixed-Use (default on all land blocks)

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Utilities

Players who own 50% or more of the assets on a block can request zoning changes.

Planetary Construction & Development Upon visiting their new Planet, a Founder will want to begin building. The first step is to choose one of the land masses and assign it a theme. Theme deployment requires Resources. The theme provides the look and feel of the land mass. Once a theme is assigned to a land mass, it can not be changed.

A land mass must have a theme assigned before construction may begin. When a theme is assigned, the owner can access the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to “build” on the land. Assets can vary from additional landscaping, like rocks, trees, and gardens, to paved streets, huts, houses, mansions, parks, entertainment complexes, and more. Houses and buildings both exterior and interior rendering, allowing players to experience them from both perspectives.

Some assets are free to add, though most are premium assets, requiring the player to have collected a certain quantity of Elements and Resources. After viewing available assets, players can select and drop them onto the land mass. The Elements and/or Resources are deducted from the avatar’s balance.

HEALM offers tools to allow users to customize assets. Don’t like the default blue paint on the home you just added? Click on it and make it pink.

Players race (think marathon, not sprint) to build the biggest and best Planets. A leaderboard within the application and on the HEALM website shows the largest, most populated Planets. The Planets at the top of the leaderboard have the most exposure within the HEALM app, attracting new visitors. The HEALM team monitors Planet development, and may showcase Planets that demonstrate excellence in other ways.

HEALM is building incentives for players to sell Land, build on Land, and attract new residents and visitors to their Planet. As Planets meet development milestones, new features will unlock, such as transportation infrastructure (e.g., taxi service, airport, etc.). Making these features commensurate with growth gives Planet owners and supporters incentive to grow, without overwhelming Planets with infrastructure inappropriate to the scale.

As a blockchain metaverse, the HEALM team supports decentralization wherever possible. HEALM believes players should be able to control, manage, and own their HEALM experience. This means Planet founders will have full control over how they manage their Planets. However, HEALM believes the players who establish the most cooperative, vibrant communities will flourish.

As Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben taught him, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That maxim is just as true in the Metaverse as it is in the Marvel Universe!

Planet Founders—and all players—are expected to observe basic community standards and refrain from harmful behavior, such as harassment or exploitation of other players. Like other Metaverse projects, HEALM seeks a “golden mean” that affords participants maximum freedom while upholding the rights and well-being of other players.

Just as HEALM believes community involvement is a critical success factor, we believe the individual players and creators within HEALM who embrace community will be the most successful. Rather than a single player developing their Planet alone, imagine how much faster the Planet would grow with a community of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of contributing players. Not everyone wants to be a leader, though most people want to be part of a tribe and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Themes HEALM offers a selection of “themes” to apply to land masses. Themes bring a unified design sensibility to the architecture, buildings, and landscape. Example of themes may include:

  • Modern Urban

  • Futuristic City

  • Alpine Country

  • Desert Wilderness

  • Tropical Paradise

  • Asian Dynasty

Themes are land mass specific. Once a Planet founder assigns a theme to a land mass, it cannot be changed. Planets, however, can have multiple themes throughout.

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