Following Planet Earth, HEALM will launch Kepler-186f, a community-owned and run virtual reality (VR) Planet. Players can build on Kepler-186f using a development tool kit. Landowners on Planet Earth will gain early access to Land Blocks on Kepler-186f, along with other advantages.

Why Kepler-186f? While HEALM chose this name for the first VR Planet in its metaverse, the name itself has a significant precedence. In 2015, NASA discovered an earth-sized planet in the “habitable zone” of a solar system called Kepler-186, approximately 500 light-years from Earth. They named this planet Kepler-186f, the namesake of the first-to-be-settled Planet in HEALM.

The HEALM team will seed Kepler-186f’s initial infrastructure. Kepler-186f will serve as a showcase for what’s possible within the HEALM metaverse. Players logging into HEALM VR will, by default, drop into one of the many Kepler-186f portals, allowing them to experience different aspects of what the Planet offers.

Players who wish to build on Land they own on Kepler-186f can do so easily. A user-friendly toolset will allow Planet creation and building by those with no prior experience in 3D modeling or design. No need to learn Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, or the like—players build using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The editor allows customizations, including changing colors and other design attributes, with a click. A library of pre-rendered assets allows creators to quickly and easily lay down infrastructure without the tedium of building block by block, as required in games like Minecraft. Builders can create and customize on desktop, mobile, or within VR.

Building on Planet Kepler-186f (and other Planets) requires Resources and Elements. Players can collect these by discovering Treasure Chests and Crates in the AR HEALM app. Resources include Food, Water, and Wood, and Elements include a variety of building materials, including Iron, Silver, Gold, etc.

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