Planet Earth & AR Mobile Application

The HEALM Planet Earth Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application (iOS / Android) and management portal will provide players the first opportunity to “touch” the HEALM metaverse. The app includes searching aspects akin to games like Pokémon GO. Instead of catching Pokémon, players will discover Treasure Chests and Crates filled with items like cryptocurrency tokens, NFTs, and in-game resources needed for building on other HEALM Planets.

Treasure Chests and Crates are randomly “airdropped” to various geographic locations across the globe. When the application is running (actively, or in the background), it will send an alert when a Treasure Chest or Crate is detected within a one kilometer radius. The user will then see the location pinned on a map, and may navigate toward it.

The app also uses the device’s camera to provide an augmented view of their environment. When a Treasure Chest or Crate lays off in the distance, the player can point the camera in that direction. The “live” camera will display their surroundings with an augmented beam of light extending from the top of the Chest or Crate into the sky. The player can then navigate to the Treasure Chest or Crate using an in-app radar combined with the visual cue of the beam. When the player is within five meters, the Treasure Chest or Crate will wiggle, beckoning the player to open it. A pop-up on the app will prompt the player to click a button. The top of the Treasure Chest or Crate then opens partially, revealing a four digit PIN. The player types the pin into a keypad within the app, confirming the intention of opening it.

With the PIN correctly entered, the player watches an AR animation sequence as the lid fully lifts, revealing the contents. The player may then collect the prize and store it in their in-game Wallet. After the player collects the prize, the Treasure Chest or Crate is removed from the AR environment. If the player does not collect the reward and moves away from the location, the Treasure Chest or Crate will automatically close and remain locked.

As HEALM expands into other Planets, Planet Earth will retain an increasingly important role in the HEALM ecosystem. Treasure Chests and Crates will be regularly airdropped into the game. Locations searched yesterday could offer bounties today.

Both the mobile application and the HEALM website allow players to view available unclaimed Cryptocurrencies, ranked by quantity and current US Dollar equivalence. The possibility of discovering Cryptocurrencies containing a life changing amount of money, or a quantity of Cryptocurrencies that could appreciate in future value, will keep players coming back to the application. The discovery of Elements and Resources also incentivizes players, as they provide the materials for building on other Planets.

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