Jetway to the Metaverse

Forward-thinking companies with their eyes open know that the Metaverse represents the next big opportunity to engage customers, build community, and extend their brand. HEALM will partner with these bright companies to design and deploy a customized strategy to bridge their brand into the HEALM metaverse economy. While the nature of each strategy and its implementation will vary greatly (consider differences in industry, brand personality, corporate objectives, etc.) an overarching purpose will drive the process:

Connect the company's tribe members to each other—and to the brand—through meaningful, immersive experiences.

As suggested, every company is unique. Accordingly, the process will begin with discovery–a comprehensive analysis of the brand, existing tribe (customers and fans), IP assets, and marketplace position.

Next, HEALM's creative team will work with the company and co-create a go-to-metaverse strategy. Brainstorming and discussion will center on uncovering a brand-aligned "killer app" to dazzle and delight customers. Creativity reigns supreme in this phase of the process. The usual rules of building in the "real world" (e.g., physics, engineering, construction permits, etc.) no longer apply in the metaverse. The opportunity presents itself to create something original and exclusive.

Once discovered and agreed upon, HEALM's AR/VR tech team will build and launch the immersive environment and experience inside the HEALM metaverse.

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