Every HEALM journey begins with a customized 3D avatar. HEALM has partnered with cross-platform avatar provider Ready Player Me. Avatars created through Ready Player Me are usable across thousands of applications. With Ready Player Me focused on optimizing and expanding avatar offerings going forward, the partnership allows HEALM to speed up development in other areas while offering players convenience, flexibility, and ongoing improvements.

Players who already have a Ready Player Me account may import an existing avatar. Those who do not yet have a Ready Player Me account can quickly and easily create an avatar. Ready Player Me allows users to begin the creation process with a selfie, and then adjust attributes like skin color, eye shape and color, hair styles, facial hair, clothing, and more. Avatar created for HEALM can be used with other Ready Player Me compatible platforms.

Long term, HEALM plans to release its own series of avatars and open up further partnership opportunities with other popular avatar creators.

Players within HEALM can own multiple avatars. While assets earned in-game are specific to the avatar that collected them, players can easily transfer assets between their avatars.

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