HEALM Marketplace

Players can buy and sell select HEALM assets through the HEALM Marketplace. HEALM offers a global Marketplace, accessible through the web, the mobile app, and within VR. Planet-specific marketplaces are available to residents and visitors of those Planets.

NFTs—Players can sell NFTs approved as Marketplace-Integrated. These NFTs are further labeled by type.

HEALM Originals identify NFTs designed by the HEALM team.

Partner NFTs are created by official HEALM NFT partners.

VR Compatible indicates the NFT is slated for future 3D rendering in virtual reality.

Players can pay a small fee to mint Resources and Elements they have collected into NFTs, and sell them on the Marketplace. These are labeled Resource & Element Packs.

Crates—Players who collect Crates without opening them list them for sale on the Marketplace. Crates are labeled according to their rarity.

VR Planet Land Blocks—Players may sell owned Land Blocks from Kepler-186f within the global Marketplace. Land blocks from top Planets may also be available within the global Marketplace. Otherwise, players will need to visit Planet-specific Marketplaces in order to buy and sell assets there.

Elements and Resources are not directly sellable through the Marketplace. They are,however, donable via each Planet’s City Hall. This allows players to support development on their favorite Planets.

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