Airdrops: Cryptocurrencies & NFTs

HEALM cryptocurrency airdrops are a key element of the ecosystem and the AR mobile application.

Millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other in-game assets “hide in plain sight,” awaiting discovery in Treasure Chests and Crates scattered across Planet Earth. This unique game feature motivates players to hunt, driving player adoption and engagement.

The HEALM website and app display and rank crypto and NFTs by “undiscovered value.”

Airdrop mechanics engage and retain players through an emphasis on positive user experience. Partnering Cryptocurrency and NFT projects have full control over their Treasure Chest and Crate metrics.

The HEALM airdrop software will be open source, security-audited, and available for review on GitHub.

Chance of Airdrop by Zone

The secure, encrypted airdrop software randomly distributes assets across the HEALM AR layer of Planet Earth.

The airdrop software will be provided to our cryptocurrencies and NFT partners to ensure complete transparency and confirm asset delivery to the HEALM community.

For more information on Zones, please see HEAM Land.

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