Treasure Chests

The “treasure hunt” discovery of airdropped Treasure Chests and Crates provides the primary incentive for users to download and play the HEALM AR mobile application.

Treasure Chests contain at least one token (though often many more) of a single cryptocurrency. There are three types of Treasure Chests, classified by the USD value of the cryptocurrency within:

  • Common Treasure Chests are the most frequently airdropped. They contain a USD value of less than $50.

  • Epic Treasure Chests are airdropped less frequently and contain a USD value anywhere between $50 - $500.

  • Rare Treasure Chests are the least common and most desirable. These special Treasure Chests contain cryptocurrency valued at over $500 USD.

Treasure Chest classifications are dynamic, based on current market value. Therefore, a Treasure Chest could be airdropped as Common, and then switch to Epic or Rare if the cryptocurrency within goes parabolic. Alternatively, if a cryptocurrency within a Rare Treasure Chest depreciates, it could be downgraded.

Example: a Treasure Chest contains three tokens of a single cryptocurrency. The token is trading at $10. With a combined USD equivalent of $30, the Treasure Chest is labeled Common. What if it remains undiscovered for several months, or even years? Perhaps it is in a remote section of Zone 1 Land, or maybe on an unowned Water Block. Now let’s say the token goes 10x, and is trading at $100 per token. A player who discovers the Treasure Chest would not see it labeled as Common, but as Epic, based on the increased valuation of $300. Cryptocurrencies Players are free to do as they like with the Cryptocurrencies they discover in-game. They can hold their collected cryptos in their HEALM wallet or move them into another compatible wallet. Players may also swap tokens of one kind for another. Finally, players can visit the HEALM Marketplace and shop for other in-game assets to enhance their gaming experience.

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