HEALM Whitepaper

A Multi-Planetary Blockchain Metaverse


This whitepaper introduces the reader to HEALM, an interplanetary blockchain metaverse, offering players worlds of possibilities.

Rather than launching a single land metaverse, HEALM is developing an entire universe. Just as scientists tell us the physical universe is infinitely expanding, so the HEALM metaverse will continue to expand outward as players discover and build upon new Planets.

The HEALM Team has ambitious plans to establish a major foothold in the race to be the largest metaverse. A project of this scope does not get built overnight. HEALM is taking a phased approach to development and deployment of the key components of the metaverse to ensure financial sustainability, and to keep players engaged and motivated to stick around for the journey. Following are the major milestones to bring HEALM from pre-launch to full-fledged metaverse:

  • Avatar Launch

  • Planet Earth Land Assignment

  • Augmented Reality Mobile Application (iOS/Android)

  • Planet Kepler-186f (VR & Web)

  • Jetway to the Metaverse (AR/VR & Web)

  • User-Created Planets (VR & Web)

We discuss each of these phases of the HEALM development arc later in the whitepaper. Along the way, the reader will learn about the exciting features that will make HEALM a distinguished metaverse. This includes the ability for players to discover Treasure Chests and Crates filled with popular cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and in-game assets that enhance gameplay and keep players returning to HEALM as their preferred metaverse destination.

At the time of writing, the major deliverables on the HEALM Roadmap occur in the future. We have written this whitepaper primarily in the present tense, for the following three reasons.

First, to save the reader from awkward phrasing like “players will be able to,” when the simpler “players can” will suffice. Second, present tense lends itself to immersion in our vision (and HEALM is all about immersion). Third, present tense language will hold up as HEALM achieves milestones.

Enough linguistic banter.

Let’s get on to the good stuff and explore the HEALM metaverse.

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