Advertising in HEALM

HEALM offers brands many opportunities to advertise through interactive signs and billboards, including in the sky. The Skyboard is an attractive floating billboard that comes into view when viewers look up into the sky using the mobile AR application. Players can interact with dynamic advertising content, claim specific offers, and more.

HEALM is developing advertising standards for Planet Kepler-186f, to ensure advertising is tasteful and does not detract from the player experience. Planet developers have more latitude over their advertising than landowners on Kepler-186f. Landowners will be able to sell ad space by being matched to an advertiser through the HEALM advertising engine. While the possibility of profits may entice landowners to accept a large volume of advertising on their Planet, they should consider that cluttering Land with advertising may backfire, turning off players, and lowering revenue if users vow not to return to the Planet. Regulating advertising is an art, and even in the real-world, we find exceptions—thriving places that are equivalent to a website filled with banner ads. For example, Times Square in New York City. Consider, however, the ads displayed in Times Square are generally premium quality—rich and visually stunning.

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