Initial Launch Strategy

The AR Mobile Application is the first product HEALM will introduce to the market. As illustrated earlier in the whitepaper, the mobile application and Planet Earth are intertwined. The operation of each depends on the existence of the other.

Approximately 123 billion one-acre blocks stretch across the surface of Planet Earth. Deploying the mobile application across the entire planet will involve segmenting and numbering each of these blocks, labeling them by zone (Urban, Rural, Water), and loading it all into a large database that can also track important information such as ownership history, collected Treasure Chests and Crates, and earned Advertising revenue.

While the tasks above are not rocket science, due to the sheer amount of data to be managed, they will require significant resources to complete. In order to bring the mobile app to market quicker and avoid stretching resources too thin, HEALM has decided to take a phased rollout.

Initially, the mobile application will roll out in beta, one country at a time. This will allow the team to build the architecture with a less cumbersome dataset. Opportunities arise for geographic targeting of marketing and publicity efforts (rather than a “shotgun” approach). Single country rollouts will also offer attractive advertising opportunities to local companies.

As HEALM enters each new market, the team will have the opportunity to learn from user feedback and analytics, leading to ongoing optimization of the product and the user experience.

A 7-Day Land Allocation Event will take place prior to each new country launch. These events will allow land credit holders to redeem their credits for land blocks (acres) within the opening country. At the end of the Land Allocation Event, unclaimed acres will be set to their respective floor prices (see HEALM Land). From that point forward, anyone who wishes to purchase land in that country will have to do so through the HEALM Marketplace. There, users can purchase either unclaimed land blocks or land blocks for sale by landowners.

Those holding land credits will not be able to use them for land in a given country once its Land Allocation Event is complete. As countries continue to open, land credit holders will have the opportunity to exchange their credits for blocks in the new territories.

After completing a series of openings in new countries, HEALM will complete the remaining work to open the rest of the planet. Prior to opening, another 7-Day Land Allocation Event will take place for land in all previously closed countries, giving land credit holders a final chance to exchange their credits for land blocks. After the final Land Allocation Event, unredeemed land credits will expire.

Please follow HEALM’s Twitter account to stay abreast of developments pertaining to the launch of Planet Earth and the AR Mobile Application.

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