Land on Planet Earth Earth Owning Land on Planet Earth provides players opportunities to generate lifetime income. Planet Earth contains 123 Billion unique Blocks, divided into three zones: Zone 1 (Urban), Zone 2 (Rural), and Zone 3 (Water). Owning Land on Planet Earth offers opportunities for ongoing revenue. Planet Earth landowners also receive a special advantage over non-landowners when HEALM launches their first virtual reality Planet, Kepler-186f. The advantage might include, for example, access to an exclusive Land presale. The team will determine specific benefit(s) closer to the launch of Kepler-186f. Vesting Period for Land Blocks When a player purchases Land, they own it outright. However, there is a nine month “vesting” period for the player to unlock the full value of landowner rewards. This applies to both the revenue share for paid advertising on one’s Land and rewards for Treasure Chests and Crates discovered by other players on one’s Zone 1 (Urban) Land.

For the first 30 days of ownership, the landowner has only a 10% claim of the maximum available rewards. Every 30 days, the landowner’s claim increases (vests) an additional 10%, until it reaches 100% after 9 months. Every time Land changes hands, its vesting resets to 10% for the new owner, who must then wait nine months before reaping the full reward value.

HEALM programmed these vesting periods into Land to increase the value of holding onto it. If an owner has to wait approximately three quarters of a year to unlock the full reward potential of a given Block, they will value that Land more highly than if the full reward potential had been available on day one. If the owner sells fully vested Land to purchase Land of an equivalent size, they do not start off on “equal footing” with the new Land. The owner only earns 10% of the Land’s full reward value for the first thirty days, and it will take approximately nine months before they can access the maximum value of the rewards.

Vesting periods are not intended to eliminate reselling of Land. We envision a healthy marketplace with many regular exchanges. Vesting periods encourage landowners to be thoughtful and avoid arbitrary “flipping.”

Zone 1 - Urban Blocks Urban Blocks are the most rare and valuable Land on Planet Earth. Fewer than 1% of all Blocks on Planet Earth are zoned Urban. The floor price for Urban Blocks is $1.00 USD. Owners of Urban Land receive a 70% share of revenue from paid advertising on their Land.

Sixty percent of airdropped Treasure Chests and Crates are allocated to Zone 1. When Treasure Chests or Crates are discovered and claimed by other users, the landowner of a fully vested Block receives a 10% award, based on the amount of cryptocurrency, Elements, or Resources in the Chest.

Zone 2 - Rural Blocks Approximately 30% of all Blocks on Planet Earth are Rural Blocks (Zone 2). Rural Blocks are less populated and less traveled than Urban Blocks. The floor price for Rural Blocks is $0.0001 USD. Once fully vested, owners of Rural Land receive a 70% share of revenue from paid advertising.

Ten percent of airdropped Treasure Chests and 5% of Crates are allocated to Zone 2. While the percentage of airdrops in Urban Blocks are less frequent than Rural Blocks, there is an advantage. Specifically, there is zero competition, and zero “work” to claim rewards. Airdropped Treasure Chests and Crates in Zone 2 (except those dynamically dropped based on player activity) are automatically credited to the landowner.

Zone 3 - Water Blocks Water Blocks represent the most plentiful Land Blocks, and also the least populated and traveled. Water Blocks make up approximately 70% of the Blocks on Planet Earth and have a floor price of only $0.00005 USD. A player purchasing Water Blocks at the floor price could purchase an astonishing 20,000 Water Blocks for only $1.00 USD.

As HEALM does not expect paid advertising within Water Blocks, there is no ad revenue share for owners of Zone 3 Land. The airdrop frequency for both Treasure Chests and Crates is the same as Zone 2: 10% and 5%, respectively.

Like with Rural Blocks, airdrops on Water Blocks are auto credited to the landowner. The HEALM team believes this model is prudent for two reasons. First, most water-based “land” does not have adequate mobile phone coverage. Second, HEALM encourages players to always play the game responsibly and safely. Water would add an inherent element of risk that cannot be easily justified.

Land on Kepler-186f As the launch of Kepler-186f draws closer, the team will share more information about the number of available Blocks. With the Kepler-186f on the horizon, there are two important ways players can prepare for its arrival. First, Land ownership on Planet Earth gives players early access to Land on Kepler. Second, players can discover and claim Crates through the AR mobile application and stockpile Elements and Resources. These items are necessary for building on Kepler-186f.

Land on Other Planets User-developed Planets will launch after Kepler-186f. Players eager to discover and build their own Planets can use the AR mobile application to collect Crates containing the Elements and Resource necessary for construction.

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