Crates may also contain NFTs (non-fungible tokens). There are 3 classes of NFTs: Common, Epic, and Rare. NFTs are classified based on their rarity.

  • Common NFTs are the most frequently distributed.

  • Epic NFTs are less frequent than Common.

  • Rare NFTs are the least frequently distributed and most valuable NFTs in HEALM.

NFTs can vary from cosmetic enhancements to avatars, such as clothing, accessories and avatar skins, to a broad range of vehicles, to utility-boosts. Vehicles can range from skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles, to cars, trucks, hovercrafts, yachts, airplanes, helicopters, and spaceships. Besides looking cool and adding variety, vehicles allow players to travel farther and faster than they could “on foot.”

Rare NTFs will give players major in-game enhancements or boosts to utility. For example, a Rare NFT could be an extremely limited sports car, offering players both quicker travel and major bragging rights.

Users can either equip an NFT to their avatar and enhance their gaming experience, or post an NFT for sale or rent on the HEALM Marketplace. For example, a player who owns a yacht could rent it to another player through the Marketplace to use for a special event. Unlike a physical yacht, no need to worry about the NFT sustaining damage, or not being returned (as the “contract” will enforce its return to the owner once the rental period has elapsed).

How can landowners receive a “fractional” benefit from NFTs discovered on their Land?

HEALM rewards NFT “credits” to the landowner when another player discovers and claims an NFT on their Land. Like the NFTs, the credits come in three classes—Common, Epic, and Rare—matching the class of NFT discovered. Once a landowner has collected one full credit of a single class, they may mint an NFT from the corresponding class.

NFT credits rewards are not subject to landowner “vesting” periods. If a landowner has only owned Land for a month, and they have earned a full credit of a given class, they may immediately mint an NFT.

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